Reseller Web Hosting FAQ’s

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reseller web hosting


Reseller Web Hosting FAQ’s


1. What is  Reseller web hosting?


Reseller Web Hosting is a services that allows you to own a web hosting business. Without having to handle server managing procedure. It is is a perfect business websites developers who need one or more Hosting accounts for their different sites. And want to control or manage all the accounts.It is similar to Shared Web hosting it includes web hosting that can be shared among other accounts on the same server.The best thing is that is is beneficial or cost effective.

Other advantages to Reseller Hosting include being able to install WordPress, build your site using Weebly, or choose from hundreds of one-click applications through Softaculous App Installer to meet the demands of your customers.Our Reseller Web Hosting has c panel access and you will receive email and login details. When your account is ready to use. You can just get started building a new website, or adding email accounts. We provide the best service program because more account you order more money you make.

2.How is your  Reseller hosting different from shared and business web hosting?


Reseller Web Hosting is different to Shared or Business Web Hosting for the reason that YOU become the hosting provider as being a Reseller Hosting client, therefore you sell hosting companies to others as an alternative to employing the hosts of a internet hosting company. When you sign up to Reseller Web Hosting, you are entering server space sell services, and our company handles anything else.


3. How is  Reseller web hosting is different from white label re seller web hosting?


White label Hosting is quite different from Reseller for some reasons.White label Reseller Hosting allows you to sell all of the products and services.Whereas Web Hosting allows to sell shared service under our Hosting program. And does not include WHMCS or have the ability to sell all the products.Both are great offering it depends on you which program you can select.

4. Does your team handles the technical details for me?

The answer is a resounding YES! Reseller Hosting is especially wonderful because you can launch your very own hosting company. Without knowing anything about server management. technicians take care of all the technical details for you. So all you have to do is grow your hosting business.


5.Can i upgrade my accounts after purchasing?

Yes, you can! Each of your accounts can be upgraded to increase the number of domains capable of being hosted. And upgrades happen instantly upon ordering. If one or more of your clients are needing to have additional room for more websites. Then upgrading is simple and instant.

Reseller Web Hosting

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